General Sessions

Preparing Georgia Students for the Knowledge Economy: A Comparison of the GPS and the Common Core

Anissa Lokey-Vega, Ph.D.

Doug Hearrington, Ed.D.
Kennesaw State University
Thursday, November 3 @ 4:45pm

Description of Session: Results of a study that compares the Georgia Performance Standards and the Common Core Standards. The data from the CCSS indicated high balance and relevance to the goal of economic participation; while the GPS indicated only a moderate balance and relevance for economic participation. Evidence shows that the GPS and the CCSS are both strong in supporting English language literacy, information literacy, and numeracy; however, both curricula fail to show evidence of creativity, digital literacy, interpersonal participation in a learning society, intrapersonal skills of life-long learning, media literacy, problem-solving, and systems thinking. Solutions are suggested.

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