Concurrent Sessions

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

8:30-9:30 AM

Traci Redish

Newcomer's Session
Kathy Adkins

A Backpack of Photo and Design Tools
Ryan Berens

Why the Statewide Longitudinal Data System is important to you (teachers)?
Kristen Brooks

BrainPOP , BrainPOPjr, BrainPOPesl Tips and Tricks! Make your Curriculum Pop!
Julie Brown
Kim Alexander

Fill a Lab, Not a Landfill: Using Ubuntu as an Open Source Alternative
Jay Cawley

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure - Real World Implementation
Megan Howard
Katie Chapman

QR Codes in Education: What are they? How do they connect to learning, classrooms, and schools?
Jay Lemons
Kelly Massey

iPad, An APP(licable) Adventure
Kylee Moose
Paul Awtrey

Promethean and STEM in the ActivClassroom!
Stephen Rahn

Engaging Students with Socrative
David Shumake
Wally Reeves

Improving Student Achievement with Data Dashboards
Tony Vincent

Dead Simple Blogs and Podcasts
Christopher Walsh

Creativity is the Killer App
Craig Wennersten
Chad DeWolf

Interactive Lesson Planner (SMART Notebook)
Brent Williams

A REAL Paradigm Shift
Merry Willis


11:00-12:00 PM

Sandy Beck

Giving Your Students a Voice
Joe Blessing
Michael Huneke

Georgia's Online Options for Assessment: CRCT, EOCT, and the OAS
Stacey Buckalew
Susie Throop

Digital Science Fair-Kicking it up a Notch with Glogster
Jim Farmer

Connect.. Collaborate.. Conquer!
Jeff Giddens
Lynne Whitley

Picture this: Using Infographics to Enhance Learning
Charlie Jackson

E-Rate - What's new for 2012?
Beth Lamb

Soaring High with Blogging
Jeff Lariscy

You Sank my Battleship! Spreadsheets in the Math Classroom
Tammy Privette

PB Works - Designing Your Own Wiki
Traci Redish
Jo Williamson

Earn a Certification in Instructional Technology!
Patrice Weaver

What's New with GPB Digital Education and Discovery Education
Christopher Wells

Does social media mean virtual fear? What social media means to schools and their communities
Freda Williams

Skyping in the Classroom
Tammy Worcester

Google Projects for Students!
Nick Zomer

Working With Wikis

12:15-1:15 PM

Lucy Bush
Jeffrey Hall

Through the Looking (and Touching) Glass: Children’s Literature Apps for iOS
Geoff Chaffin

Augmented Reality, Facebook is Dead and other Innovative Ideas for the Classroom
Brian Felker

Social Fake-Out
Leslie Fisher

Adobe Acrobat X
Keith Frank
Mike Logan

The Proven Learning Solution: Innovative Tools for Increasing Student Achievement
Jona Gaskin
Teresa Phillips

20 Cool SMART Board Tricks Every Educator Should Know
Charles Hodges
Ken Clark

Evaluating and Comparing Web 2.0 tools for Educational Use
Kelly Paynter

Creating blogs using the Wordpress platform
Melissa Smith
Jeff White

BYOT in the Science Classroom
Rod Smith
April Mayo

Consumption to Creation: Using the iPad2 to shoot, edit, and publish Movies
Anna Stanton
Nancy Burney

EXCELerated Statistics
Sharon Synan

Why the Statewide Longitudinal Data System is important to you (administrators)?
Tony Vincent

Project-Based Learning in Hand
Christopher Walsh

Getting Geeky with Google
Jeff White

The B.Y.O.T. Initiative, Year 2

1:30-2:30 PM

Ken Cavallo

Becoming a Mobile Learner
Marty Bray

Computing in the Cloud: Creating, and Operating a Virtual Computer Lab
Perry Correll

The Wi-Fi Device Explosion - What's Your Plan?
Meghann Farmer
Megan Geren

There's an App for That: Easy iPod Apps for Creating Awesome Products
Leslie Fisher

Gail Hendrix

Show 'N' Tell Research
Erin Miley
Linda Brown

iLearning with iPads
Becky Purcell
Steve Sawyer

Recovering from the Tornado
Missy Smith

2011-12 Technology Inventory Update
Tony Vincent

Project-Based Learning in Hand
Rick Volkmann
Patrick Koster

Adobe Connect for Easy and Affordable School and District Web Conferencing and Virtual Classrooms
Christopher Walsh

New Tech Extreme School Makeover
Terry Wetherington

R and R for the Middle School Science Classroom (Resources and Reality)
Amanda Williamson
Erin Hill

Interconnect, Intercommunicate, Interact...Internet! Connecting to Students through the WWW
Jim Wright

Examining the Web 2.0 Learner

3:15-4:15 PM

Leslie Fisher

Smackdown with Leslie Fisher
Keith Frank
Matt Wheeler

Turning Technologies: The Response Solution above ALL Others
Angela McDurmon

YouTube... Your Way
Courtney McGough

Creating Your Story: Tips for Using GALILEO in Student Multimedia Projects
Alan Preis

Using WolframAlpha to teach Mathematics
Lisa Richardson

Whipping Wordpress Into Shape for a Happy, Connected Classroom
Julie Sway

Virtual Field Trips
Joe Terantino

750 Million Users: Should We Use Facebook for Education?
Tom Turner

Using Collaborative Concept Maps to Increase Content Area Vocabulary
Jess Ward

Enabling the 21st Century Classroom with Enterprise WiFi
Allen Wolmer

How Revealing! The use of Reveals in SMART Calculus lessons

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Julie Brown
Kim Alexander

Open Source Software You Can REALLY Use In The Classroom
Kenneth Clark
Charles Hodges

Cloud Based Presentation Tools
Perry Correll

BYOD Doesn’t Have to Mean Uncontrolled
Patrick Crispen

Nothing But NETS: Transforming Your Students' Learning Environments with Technology
Shannon Finley

Technology, My... ART!
Leslie Fisher

The Web 2.0 you might not know about
Julia Fuller
Chester Fuller

Connected Learning Environments for Teachers and Students
Craig Ham

Using ALICE to Introduce Programming Concepts
Amanda Inman
Jennifer Holloway

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) + Web 2.0 = Quality Learning for All
Jody Key
Kayla Key

Unique Tools for Production
Peggy Lester

Gearing Up for Common Core – Practical Technology Solutions
Lolly Martin
Laura Reeves

21st Century Technology in the Elementary Classroom - Session A
Sarah McKee

The NEW New Georgia Encyclopedia: Creating the Resources You Need to Teach the GPS
Wendy Metcalf
Greg LaHatte

We Have Heard it All Now!
Shelley Paul

DIY PD: Differentiated, Self-Directed Learning for Teachers
Sharon Synan

Why the Statewide Longitudinal Data System is important to you (teachers)?
Patrice Weaver

Reaching the 21st Century Learner with GPB Digital Education
Tammy Worcester

Cool Web Tools for Interactive Whiteboards
Tim DiScipio

General Social Network Tools vs. Collaborative Web 2.0 Education Platforms


Anna Bilyeu

Using VoiceThread to Communicate, Collaborate, and Connect
Ge-Anne Bowdoin-Bolhuis

Ed Tech 101 - HELP! I need a refresher!
Curt Cearley
Todd Hindmon

Georgia CoSN Chapter Meeting-Birds of a Feather
Monika Davis

iPads, iPhones, and iPods...Oh My!
Leslie Fisher

iOS Apps
Wendy Grey

Get Caught in the NETS!
Carol Horner

Planning Ideas for a 1:1 Program
Edward Johnson

Enhancing History Education with Digitized Maps
Kevin Lane

Take One! How to Make Great-Sounding Classroom Recordings (and How You Can Use Them!)
Courtney McGough

Civil War Sesquicentennial: Digital Resources in GALILEO
Jeff Pence

Enhance Student Writing Using Technology
Michael Perry

Digitize your classroom learning using Video and Imaging Fun Learning Projects
Bernajean Porter

Project Headware ~ 21st Century Thinking with 21st Century Tools
Laura Reeves
Lolly Martin

21st Century in the Elementary Classroom - Session B
Kathy Schrock

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words: Infographics as a Creative Assessment
Sally Shorb

Let us share with you our database of permission-free reading passages!
Christopher Wells

Beyond a Word Doc: Innovative Methods for Writing and Delivering your Technology Plan
Jason Williams

Incredible Finds for the Classroom
Tammy Worcester

Go Digital!

10:45-11:45 AM

Hubert Bennett

Why the Statewide Longitudinal Data System is important to you (administrators)?
Claire Christerson

Photostory, Audacity, and Picnik, Oh My!
Kim Creagh

Inspired Classroom: An Effective and Inexpensive Model to Promote Collaborative Learning
Joel Frey

Transporters - Not Just for Star Trek Any More!
Abigail Jackson

Web 2.0 Tools that Engage Students
Sue Kral
Wayne Robinson

STEM Education: Teaching Energy Conservation with an Emphasis on Biofuels
Teri Lance

Classroom Shifts for 21st Century Learning: Creativity, Centers, Conquering Access and More
Robyn Miller
ReuAnn Annis

Fayette County's Journey to the 21st Century Classroom
Susan Morgan
Jennifer Douglass

Blended Learning for Student Engagement and Mastery Learning
Andrea Neff

Evolution of 21st Century Learning
Teresa Phillips

Shake, Snap, & Roll! 25 Cool Things You Can Do with Windows 7!
Bernajean Porter

Turning UP the H.E.A.T. ~ Learning, Thinking and Communicating in a Digital Age
Danica Pruitt
Kristi Crumpton

Copyright Clarity: The Truth Will Set You Free!
Kathy Schrock

Cure What Ails You: A Dose of Twitter for Every Day of the Year
Sherry Smyth
Julie Jackson

Summer Reading Goes Digital
Casey Thomas
Amanda Pickles

Wikispaces Across the Curriculum
Chris Thompson

Students as Mobile App/Game Creators
Brent Williams

A REAL Paradigm Shift
Erin Zitka
Rachel Hanson

Engage Me, PLEASE! Or I’m Outta Here!


Travis Allen

SLDS for Techies
James Beveridge

Key Elements of a High Quality Online Educational Program
Opeyemi Bukola

Interactive, customizable, free: using FlexBooks® digital textbooks and open source tools
Kate Burton

Just Say 'NO!' to PowerPoint
Anthony Cortes

Challenges of Designing the 21st Century Classroom Multimedia System
Angiah Davis

QR Codes: Making QR Work in Instruction
Jeff Eller
Jason Bingel

21st Century Middle School Classroom
Leslie Fisher

Help! I have too many photos
Jeffrey Hall
Lucy Bush

High Tech Treasure Hunters: Integrating Geocaching for PK-12 Instruction
Ken Henslee

Supporting and Customizing GALILEO for Your School
Amanda Inman
Jennifer Holloway

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) + Web 2.0 = Quality Learning for All
Lynne Mashburn

BYOT-A Glimpse into a Real Elementary Teacher's Use
Christi Osborne

Heat Up Your Technology Skills With Atomic Learning
Judy Serritella

Exemplary and Exceptional Library Media Programs: Elementary Level
Jason Van Nus

Budget Challenges: Replacing Microsoft with Google Docs
Tony Vincent

Mobile Movie Making
Wendi Williams
Tami Echard

Webonize It!!
Tammy Worcester

Tammy's Favorite Technology Tips, Tricks, and Tools
Rhonda Hill

Big Blue Button vs. Wimba

1:15-2:15 PM

Joseph Bartlett

Using Wordpress to Develop Professional Portfolios
Ryan Berens

Georgia's 21st Century Skills Assessment
Jason Branch
Suzanne Korngold

Bring Your Own Technology Innovation to Implementation
Marty Bray

Georgia Statehood: A Georgia History Resource for Educators
Patrick Crispen

Going Mobile in a Stationary Classroom: Incorporating ALL Student-Owned Mobile Devices into your Cur
Mike Durando

Off-the-network filtering for on-the-go learning
John Ellison
Jeremy Jackson

Fostering the Educational Ecosystem
Marsha Harris
Danielle Klaus

Wikis in the Classroom: Communication, Collaboration and Creativity
Jill Hobson

GADOE Instructional Technology Advisory Committee Meeting
Carol Horner

Tablet PCs in K-12 Education
Stormi Johnson
Stacey Buckalew

Mobile Learning
Carol Moore-McLeod

Georgia's Instructional Improvement System: A Race to the Top Initiative
Tamara Powell

When Face to Face Goes Digital: Making Decisions about Converting Course Content
Judy Serritella

Exemplary and Exceptional Library Media Programs: Middle School Level
John Tupa
Milt Walker

Exciting New Teaching Tools for 1:1 Learning
Tony Vincent

Web Tools for Collaboration
Alexandra Vlachakis
Kate Matthews

Using Social Media to Illuminate Classroom Dynamics
Merry Willis


3:00-4:00 PM

Ryan Berens

Why the Statewide Longitudinal Data System is important to you (instructional technology and other support specialists)?
Michael Clegg
Tina Caloud

AMP IT UP! - Access Equals Power For Students With Hearing Loss
Catherine Douthard

Thinking That Clicks: Developing Habits of Mind with Technology
Teresa Fuller

Be a First Class Digital Citizen with Tim and Moby!
Jay Heap

Bringing Blended Learning to Every District: Models for Success
Katherine Jenkins

Support Literacy Development through Cross-Curricular Activites
Kara Koetter

From Chic to Geek: The Importance of Building a PLN
Twila Masaschi
Allison Houston

From Ordinary to Extraordinary
Jane E. O'Brien
Joe Cozart

Using to Eliminate Academic Dishonesty in the Online English Classroom
Amanda Olford

Video Diaries - A New Tool for Classroom Teachers
Keelan Seabolt
Chris Cannon

No Phone Booths, No Problem. Save your students with these super 21st century tools.
Judy Serritella

Exemplary and Exceptional Library Media Programs: High School Level
Brian Sorrow
Diana Koscik

Classroom in the Clouds
David Starnes
Randy Ceryan

eBooks, Linking the Library to the Classroom
Tony Vincent

iOS Birds of a Feather Session
Connie White

Got Google Apps for Education and Google Tools?
Brent Williams

Is 7 Your Lucky Number?

4:15-5:15 PM

Thomas Bain

Plan. Teach. Achieve!
Ryan Berens

Assessing effective use of Technology in the Classroom with Wayfind
John Chamberlain
Elizabeth Pfister

ipads in the classroom
Patrick Crispen

Mashups: Creating New Classroom Content Using Freely-Available Digital Media
Jim Farmer

Schoology in the K-12 Environment
Todd Hindmon
Curt Cearley

The Silver Lining in the Cloud
Kim Huett
Justin Castile

Getting it right when there's no money left: Designing high quality K-12 online and blended courses
Heather Kindschy
Cara Harpin

Web 2.0MG! Make an Impact in Your Media Center
Kevin Lane

iTunes: The Perfect Classroom Media Manager
Anissa Lokey-Vega
Doug Hearrington

Preparing Georgia Students for the Knowledge Economy: A Comparison of the GPS and the Common Core
Allisan Mintz

Lights, Camera, Action: Using your iPad, iPhone or iTouch to Create Professional Looking Videos
Bernajean Porter

Smackdown with Bernajean Porter
Stella Porto
Nancy Howell

Lifelong Learning through E-portfolios
Rick Volkmann
Patrick Koster

Adobe Creative Suite - Developing HTML5 Websites for Mobile Devices
Jeremy Wendt
Jason Beach

40 Affordable, Free & Effective Tech Tools for Education

Friday, November 4, 2011


Jeannie Barden

Study Skill 101 for the Digital Student
Andy Felt

The Madison County STEM Program - Soil and Water Quality Projects
Susan Harper

Web 2.0 and You
Jennifer Holloway
Amanda Inman

Assistive Technology = Access for All Students
Chance McPherson
James Pratt

Catching the Common Core GPS Mathematics in the NETS
Craig Nixon

SIF Interoperability in the Cloud
Nikki Palmore

Birds of a Feather: Title IID Intergrating the NETS-S to Prepare College and Career Ready Students
Bernajean Porter

I-imagine: Waking UP a Generation for Their Own Greatness
Alan Preis

Take Charge of Your Own Professional Development using Web 2.0 Tools
Kathy Schrock

Connecting Your Classroom to the Future: iPad Edition
Pasha Souvorin

Teaching Digital Media Using Guided Autonomy
Sharon Synan

Why the Statewide Longitudinal Data System is important to you (teachers)?
John Tupa
Milt Walker

Exciting New Teaching Tools for 1:1 Learning
Mary Welch
Tonya McDaniel

Podcasting for Beginners to Intermediate
Richard White

Using Wikis in the Classroom -- Creating an Informational Database
Amy Wilcox

Extending Learning Through Online Learning
Brent Williams

Is 7 Your Lucky Number?
Jason Williams

Using eInstruction Remotes and Examview to Improve Understanding in the Classroom

9:45-10:45 AM

Miranda Adams

Popping Knowledge with BrainPOP
Jerry Bunch

More Fun with My Favorite Free Math Software: Google Sketchup and Geogebra
James Castle

Google Apps for Data Teams
Patrick Crispen

Social Media 101: Classroom Collaboration after the Bell
Jim Farmer

Catch the Vibe!
Andy Felt

Using Probeware and Graphing Calculators in an Inquiry-Based Chemistry Classroom
Leslie Fisher

The Web 2.0 you might not know about
Clay Gunter

Teaching with a just simple WINK
Sandy Josephat

SLDS: Today and Tomorrow
Chance McPherson
Gilda Lyon

Christopher Michaud

Space and Gravity Simulator - Spaceflight, Mathematics and Computer Science with Scratch!
Jeff Pence

Birds of a Feather: Google Plus as an Educational Tool
Michael Perry

Classroom grading and student support on the Go with Filemaker
Bernajean Porter

Book Trailers: Watched Any Good Books Lately?
Kathy Schrock

Connecting Your Classroom to the Future: Google Edition
David Taube
Sandi Dennis

The Sci-Casting Project: Using Vod-Casting in 4th and 5th Grade Inquiry-Based Science Curriculum
Tony Vlachakis

Utilizing Free Online Simulations & Interactives For Balanced Assessment
Connie White

Classroom Responses to Mind, Brain and Education Science


Jennifer Armstrong

Virtual Manipulatives in the 21st Century Classroom
Laura Beckham

Teaching a Decision-Making Matrix for Interactive Digital Media
Sid Carter
Holly Carter

Lights, Camera, Action - Easy Video Production for Instruction
Patrick Crispen

Smackdown with Patrick Crispin
Leslie Fisher

Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements Version 10
Amy Ingalls
Dera Weaver

Making the Most of Your Morning Announcements through Student-generated Content
Julia Osteen

Varying Assessments for Today's Learners
Courtney Perrin

Beyond Webquests and Powerpoints: Teaching History with Technology
Nicole St. Amand

Small Hands At Work: Hands-on, Minds-on: Learning with iPods, iPads, and Lego Wedo
Bob Swiggum

Georgia Department of Education Update
Tony Vlachakis

Discovering Industrial Strength Curriculum Resources
Connie White

Awesome 21st Century Integration Ideas for the Classrooms
Jeff White

Not Another Student Presentation!
Brent Williams

Mobile Device Digital Forensics
Deanne Winston
Angela Booth

Hollywood Presents: From Movie Camp to the Classroom