Using VoiceThread to Communicate, Collaborate, and Connect

Anna Bilyeu, Fulton County Schools and Michigan State University

November 3, 9:45 - 10:45am

VoiceThread is a free program that allows users to create multimedia slideshows using images, documents, and videos. These slideshows become collaborative as visitors leave comments on VoiceThread projects. This session introduces participants to the capabilities of VoiceThread, including starting an account, creating identities for students, leaving/moderating comments, and exporting/embedding slideshows. Session includes recommendations for classroom implementation and suggested uses for VoiceThread across the curriculum. Suggestions are designed for the elementary classroom but can be adapted to other grade levels. Participants will learn how VoiceThread can be used to provide feedback, to foster collaboration and communication within the classroom and beyond, to create a global audience for student work and as a tool for student self-reflection
STRAND: Communication and Collaboration AUDIENCE: Instructional PK-5 TYPE: B.Y.O.T.

Links and/or Materials

Session PowerPoint

Sample VoiceThreads
Analyze a historical document/photograph/political cartoon (Social Studies) -
Describe a process (Science) -
Poetry writing, Reading for fluency (Language Arts) -
Students explain a Math concept (Math) -
Practice speaking and writing through VoiceThread (Foreign Language) -
Explain the meaning behind a piece of artwork (Art Education) -
Digital Portfolios -

VoiceThread Resources

VoiceThread's Educator's Getting Started Guide - Includes step by step directions for setting up and creating a VoiceThread

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VoiceThread's Getting Started in the Classroom - Outlines the three main ways to get students started on VoiceThread

VoiceThread's Digital Library - Features articles about successful VoiceThread projects

VoiceThread Wikis
VoiceThread for Education Wiki - Tons of useful information and ideas

Using VoiceThread for Digital Conversations Wiki - Includes helpful handouts for using VoiceThread in the classroom

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