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Writer, speech and debate coach, inventor, auntie, teacher of possibilities, media maker, futurist, master of survival techniques when working with adolescents, professional speaker, technology consultant, teacher of teachers, long-term technology user, promoter of anything that increases joy, spirit and outrageous possibilities in all aspects of life for kids and adults and now... a digital storytelling guide and virtual educator. Likes: Watching stars, designing group events, mountain living, learning anytime anywhere, moon glows, adventure travel, can-do attitudes, reading, mangoes, magic, building community spirit, lilacs, ATVing mountain trails, a good story and living life juicy! Dislikes: Rules of all kinds. Loose ends. Stale strawberry licorice. People insisting on having their negative and limiting beliefs. Letting worst fears ruling the day. Having narrow choices. And milking cows.

Pet Philosophy: Da Um Jeitinho - There is always a way! Let's make IT Happen Together!

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Project Headware ~ 21st Century Thinking with 21st Tools

Thursday @ 9:45- 10:45 AM -- Salon 2


Turning UP the H.E.A.T.™ ~ Learning, Thinking and Communicating in a Digital Age

Thursday @ 10:45-11:45 AM -- Salon 2

I-imagine™ Waking UP a Generation for Their Own Greatness

Friday @ 8:30 - 9:30 AM -- Salon 2 workshop-composite.jpg

Book Trailers: Watched Any Good Books Lately?

Friday @ 9:45 - 10:45 AM -- Salon 2

As far as I know, authors do not get up in the morning with the thought they had better get another book written so schools have more choices for book reports! Take the challenge of engaging students in using literature for thinking, creating, wondering, and relating to an experience or message being created for readers. Begin asking "how on fire can we get student brains while making meaning of their literature?" before connecting technology to the task. Consider shifting the TYPES of Communication expected with book studies as well as developing driving questions for reasoning/thinking in ways that will increase curiosity, agency and deep "enduring understandings." See examples @
Book Reports NOT a la Bernajean SlideShare

ONE Type of Communication shared today - the Book Trailer aka PSA

  1. What is the difference between book reports and book trailers?
  2. What elements would you guide students to develop in a book trailer? Elements that would be criteria for scoring?

FIVE BASIC STEPS for Book Trailers

The following basic elements must be artfully blended together in order for a book trailer to deliver compellingly influence on the viewer to buy its novel or nonfiction work. The media journey begins with a STORYBOARD or MEDIA MAP of how your elements will mix together in powerful ways.

1) the text - choose tag lines that will either become the actual words used on the screen as graphic mixed with media; a voice spoken; or just selected to organize your key points or images for your trailer.

2) the photos/artwork/video clips - showing NOT telling - choose images with emotional content to illuminate the viewer's experience.

3) the soundtrack (either music or sound effects) - sound is 50% of content message - choose deliberately and strategically!

4) the narration - optional but adds dimension and personal connection - voiceovers should immerse viewers in the experience!

5) the craftsmanship - the art of mixing the media together for influence and impact. An opportunity to use or gain a working knowledge of your video/image/audio editing software.


FOLLOW UP ACTIVITY ~ What do you think?

Watch the following YouTube book trailers for Call of the Wild. Compare and Contrast for Impact - Influence - Craftsmanship. Have conversations with other colleagues and/or between students - be curious on which one has most appeal and WHY. What advice would you give yourself in creating your own book trailers?

  1. Call of the Wild by Jack London

  2. Call of the Wild by Jack London

  3. Call of the Wild by Jack London

  4. Call of the Wild by Jack London